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Welcome To Smarttalkers Pre-School Groups

"Parents, do you want to help to develop your child's speech, language & communication skills?"

What do Smart Talkers do?

Smart Talkers Communication Groups are a fun way to stimulate children's spoken language development. Devised by specialist speech & language therapists, these sessions are for all children.

Using signing, games, stories & songs, we work on everything a child needs to be a confident, successful, effective communicator including attention, listening, vocabulary, understanding and expressive language skills.

We have different classes available:

  • Small Talkers: especially for 3- 4 year olds to prepare them for school
  • Teeny Talkers: for around 2 -3 years
  • Baby Talkers: for around 0m - 2 years
  • Baby Smart Signers: 0-2 yrs
  • Toddler Smart Signers: 2-3 yrs
  • Small Talk Smart Signers: 3-4 yrs
  • Stories and Songs 1- 4 yrs
  • Chatter Tots 1- 4 yrs

The aims of all the groups are consistent with the Department of Education
Early Years Foundation Stage.

Nursery Sessions Available

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