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Bodymain Right

3 - 4 Years

Small Talkers Pre-School Groups
“Parents, do you want to help to develop your child’s speech, language & communication skills?”
Small Talkers Pre-school Language Groups are a fun way to stimulate your children’s speech, language and communication development. Devised by qualified speech & language therapists, these sessions are for all children aged approximately 3 -4 years of age to get them ready for the demands of school.

Using games, stories &music, we work on:

  • Attention & listening skills
  • Vocabulary & Concepts
  • Understanding (verbal comprehension)
  • Simple reasoning
  • Phonological awareness
  • General interaction & social skills

Everything your child needs to be a confident, successful, effective communicator.
Sessions last approx 40 minutes.

Small Talk Smart Signers
A series of 6 sessions which uses and teaches the first 100 or so signs using stories, songs and games.


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