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About Smarttalkers Pre-School Groups

Smart Talkers Communication groups were set up by Libby Hill, who is a Consultant  Speech & Language therapist with many years experience. Her passion for the development and achievement of speech, language and communication inspired her. Smart Talkers groups are run by Small Talk Speech & Language Therapy Ltd.

“This is an ideal way of spreading the word about how fantastic and fabulous human communication really is”.

Why is there a need for Smart Talkers?

We take the development of communication for granted but it is actually the best achievement of our lifetime. We spend time on learning to be better readers, writers or dancers but we can all be better communicators too.

40,000 children started school in 2007 without adequate spoken language ability (Wright, J., 2008) and a Government report in 2008 showed that this can be as high as 50% of children in some areas (Bercow, J.). A questionnaire to Primary Head Teachers by Small Talk's Director, Libby Hill showed that 100% were concerned about declining speech, language and communication skills. Almost every educational task needs a good level of spoken language development.
Smart Talkers work on the pre-requisite skills so the Teacher can begin to do her job immediately.

Who comes to Smart Talkers?

Any child can benefit from the groups, “We can all improve our communication, however good it is,” reports Libby.

For information about Small Talk Speech & Language Therapy, please go to www.private-speech-therapy.co.uk
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