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Bodymain Right

0 - 2 Years

Baby Signing

We are now delighted to be part of Little Signers Clubs for baby and toddler signing www.littlesignersclub.co.uk

We run baby signing and Toddler signing classes to help you fully communicate even before they can talk.

Baby Talkers

“Parents, do you want to help to develop your child’s speech, language & communication skills?”
Research has show that babies need to be talked to and interacted with in order to fully develop the area of the brain which is involved with later speech, language and social interaction skills.

Baby Talkers looks at the importance of communication and shows how songs, rhymes and simple play can really help parent-child interaction and early communication skills. Suitable from birth to toddler-hood.

Stories and Songs

These are fun sessions from Smart Talkers Pre-School Communication groups. We use books, songs, bubbles, parachutes and more to have fun and stimulate your little one. The sessions are designed by communication experts from Small Talk and are suitable for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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