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Smart Talkers India

The Head of Smart Talkers India is Sheila Chaudhuri. A former international global head, she became involved in Smart Talkers when she saw an article about them on a  British working mothers website. Sheila is passionate about communication and very concerned that spoken language skills are declining; the world is getting so visually based that children's skills are not as good as they used to be. This is a international problem: spoken language skills are the building blocks for written language i.e. reading and writing so that if there is a delay in the speech, language and communication skills this will affect educational progress.  Parents are not always aware of this. The groups are designed to optimise the child's potential using stories, activities, puppets, songs and games.
Sheilas' young son is fluent in three languages, thanks to Sheila's dedication.  

Contact Sheila on 0091 9899 008960 and read more about her on her blog at www.smarttalkersindia.blogspot.com

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